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18th July 2020

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Astronomy And Electronics Centre

New Telephone: (08) 76 152 611 (Customer calls only) eMail: aecclaudio@ozemail.com.au

Takahashi Telescopes

View our TAKAHASHI Price List.

Read the great Feedback Comments
we have received from our customers.

Looking for a photo/visual accessory for your setup?
Visit our Takahashi
Photo/Visual System Charts page.

  • Takahashi TOA-130NS / EM-400 Mount
  • Coronado PST
  • Takahashi FC-100DC
  • Takahashi FC-76DS
  • 10Micron GM1000 HPS and GM2000 HPS II
  • Parallax Pi-250C 10" + Pi-400C 16" Cassegrain
  • Takahashi FS-60CB
  • Takahashi FSQ-85EDX
  • Coronado SolarMax II 90mm
  • Takahashi TSA-102S
  • Meade LX70, Meade Lightswitch 8in
  • Starlight Xpress Oculus
  • 10Micron GM3000 HPS and GM4000 HPS II
  • Meade Series 6000 APO 130mm
  • Takahashi Epsilon-180ED
  • Starlight Xpress Lodestar II
  • Konus 20x60 Binoculars
  • Skywatcher 127mm Black-Diamond Maksutov
  • Takahashi EM-400 Temma-2
  • Takahashi Mewlon-250CRS
  • Starlight Xpress Oculus
  • Takahashi 90° UW Eyepieces
  • Coronado SolarMax II 60mm
  • Parallax Pi-400DK 16" Dall-Kirkham Cassegrain
  • Takahashi TOA-150
  • Takahashi Mewlon-300CRS
  • Parallax Pi-250 10" Newtonian
  • Takahashi TSA-120
  • Takahashi FSQ-106ED
  • Coronado SolarMax II 60mm DoubleStack
  • Borg 101mm ED II Apochromat
  • Hutech Abbe-Orthoscopic Eyepieces
  • Borg 101mm ED Apochromat
  • Takahashi EM-200 Temma-2M
  • Hutech "Haruka" 125SD Binoscope
  • Takahashi TOA-130

10MICRON: The World's Most Technologically Advanced Equatorial Mounts

High Payload Capacity, On-Axis Encoders,
Excellent Unguided Performance, Quiet Operation, Easy Alignment,
Built-In Computer (No External Computer Required), Fast Delivery

GM-1000 HPS + Hercules / Aries
GM-2000 HPS II Monolith/Ultraport
GM-3000 HPS
GM-4000 HPS II

For our latest and best prices on these mounts, contact AEC

CLICK HERE for more information on GM-Series

Also available, 10Micron AZ-series Altazimuth Mounts
AZ-1000 HPS , AZ-2000 HPS , AZ-3000 HPS , AZ-4000 HPS

CLICK HERE for more information on AZ-Series

The 10Micron range of Equatorial and Altazimuth Mounts are professional equipment. Therefore, they are well suited for advanced amateur astronomers, Government departments, Universities and Scientific Organisations - and of course for those who want the very best available!

~ The 10Micron GM1000 HPS ~
My Experience, by Rhett Herring

10Micron GM1000HPS 
Rhett Herring shares his views on this fantastic 10Micron Equatorial Mount

FC-100DF, FS-60CB, FS-60Q, FOA-60, FOA-60Q

Also Available:
MEWLON-210 (Demo)
Coronado 60mm Solarscope
w/Motorized Focuser
EM-200 Equatorial Mount w/Heavy Duty Tripod

Contact AEC For Prices

TAKAHASHI Professional-Standard Eyepieces
LE, HI-LE, TOE, Ultrawide & Abbe-Orthoscopic Oculars

The Takahashi TOE series Eyepieces have been very popular lately!

TOE-2.5mm      TOE-3.3mm      TOE-4mm

CLICK HERE for more information  


TAKAHASHI Mewlon-210

Takahashi Mewlon-210 M16
This top-quality DK reflector has been very popular lately!

For Technical Specifications, System Charts and Customer Feedback: CLICK HERE

Serious email enquiries should include a Phone Number


-- Click Images To Enlarge --

With a Strehl Ratio of 0.998, a Very High Contrast Transfer Coefficient and Perfect Colour Correction, these two TAKAHASHI Apochromatic Refractors HAVE NO EQUAL!

CLICK HERE for Spectacular Astro-Photographs taken with TAKAHASHI REFRACTORS.

CLICK HERE for Technical Specifications and System Charts of the TOA-130.

CLICK HERE for Customer Feedback regarding the TOA-130 and TOA-150.

2018 Lunar Eclipse
A Larger Hi-Res Image can be found on our Astrophotography Page - CLICK HERE

The 2018 Total Lunar Eclipse
Captured by Martin Grasl with his TAKAHASHI TOA-130NFB & 10-Micron GM1000HPS

Introducing the 'Razor-Sharp' TAKAHASHI Mewlon-180C  

"...I must admit I am highly impressed with the Mewlon 180C. Apart from its excellent planetary and lunar capabilities it really surprises on globular clusters and the milky way..."   CLICK HERE to read the full feedback

CLICK HERE for Technical Information

Contact us with any genuine price quotation on TAKAHASHI or 10MICRON equipment, given to you by an authorized dealer, and we will beat it!

TAKAHASHI Professional-Standard Equatorial Mounts

CLICK HERE to read
Advanced Amateur Astronomer John Glossop's instructions on how to get the best out of these mounts.

The article has been updated to provide links to the latest software for using an Ipod/Tablet with your Telescope.

Only The Best! - Eyepieces Available from AEC
TAKAHASHI - The LE, Hi-LE, Abbe-Ortho and Ultra-Wide View series
- The Fabulous MASUYAMA 2" Eyepieces Are Back!

CLICK HERE to visit our page dedicated to Top-Quality Eyepieces!

Demonstration & As-New Items for Sale

Here is a selection of a large variety of astronomical items, these are ex-Demonstration and some 2nd-Hand items in Excellent or AS-NEW condition.

This large collection includes: 2" , 1.25", and 0.965" Eyepieces, Finderscopes of all sizes, many types of Adapters, Newtonian Mirrors, Secondary Mirrors, Mirror Holders, Spiders, all sizes Filters, Focusers,
Star Diagonals in 2" / 1.25" & 0.965", Camera Lenses, Tube Rings, etc.

Please contact AEC for more details

Feather Touch Focusers
Feather Touch products from Starlight Instruments are now available!

CLICK HERE for more information

SkyWatcher Telescopes, Mounts & Accessories

We Will Not Be Undersold!
Contact Us With Any Genuine
SKYWATCHER Quote... And We Will Beat It!

CLICK HERE for more information

Parallax Instruments
Exceptional Quality Newtonian Reflectors

Joe Nastasi, the owner of PARALLAX INSTRUMENTS has been in business for nearly three decades! His company specializes in Professional-Standard NEWTONIAN telescopes ranging from 8” to 16” of aperture.

Here, the adjective “professional” is not used lightly! This is because Parallax uses ZAMBUTO Primary Mirrors! Well informed beginner, advanced amateurs, and professional astronomers are well aware (or they should be aware) of the undeniable fact that Zambuto Optical Company is a manufacturer of truly world-class Newtonian Primary mirrors! Since 1997, the Zambuto mirror has been setting a performance benchmark in the premium telescope industry!

And this is what you will be getting when you buy a PARALLAX INSTRUMENT Newtonian telescope!
Furthermore, 10” to 12.5” apertures are offered in Ultra-Thin fused Quartz!

Click Here for more Information

Accepted Methods of Payment?
A.E.C. accepts VISA, PayPal and Bank Deposit among others.
Click Here For Details

FUJIYAMA High Quality HD-Orthoscopic Eyepieces
Japan-Made, Solid Construction, Bright, Sharp - CLICK HERE for more information

Available From A.E.C.

MEADE Telescopes, Mounts & Accessories

We Will Not Be Undersold!
Contact Us With Any Genuine MEADE Quote... And We Will Beat It
CLICK HERE for more information

Want to know the true cost of buying TAKAHASHI products from overseas? CLICK HERE

The Orion and Running Man Nebulae
Takahashi FSQ-106ED Refractor w/Reducer. FL:360mm @ f/3.6 - Dr. Craig Semple

Dr. Craig Semple has graciously allowed us to link to his Astro Landscape Photography website Surf Coast Light Waves

"As I have clearly explained in my article RESOLVING POWER, CONTRAST TRANSFER, STREHL RATIO AND MORE, the linear resolving power is connected with the Focal Ratio of a telescope, and for a given focal ratio is independent of the Aperture. Craig Semple's brilliant astrophoto (taken with only a 106mm refractor) is a confirmation of this little-known optical fact!"
(Claude Voarino  -  AEC)


Excellent-quality Microscopes, Microscope Cameras and Accessories!
CLICK HERE for more information

New Science Article
A Critical Evaluation of Modern Physics

by Claude Voarino
to read the PDF Article, or CLICK HERE to see the Articles Page

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Astronomy And Electronics Centre
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