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6th April 2017

Professional-Standard LE, Hi-LE, Ultra-Wide, & Abbe-Ortho Eyepieces
HD-Orthoscopic's from Kokusai-Kohki
The Fabulous 2" Eyepieces Have Returned!
 Here you will find the leading brands of Eyepieces available from Astronomy & Electronics Centre - Just click on any of the links above to jump to that brand, or just scroll down the page and view them all.
TAKAHASHI LE & Hi-LE Eyepieces

There are several types of eyepieces in the market. Some look very good; some have long eye-relief; some are sharp; some are cheap; some are expensive! However, when it comes to the highest contrast, maximum sharpness, high light transmission, good eye-relief and the best colour rendition, the Takahashi "LE" and "HI-LE" eyepieces have no rivals!

Below are a few comments from an expert amateur astronomer, who wrote a three-page test report on the Takahashi "LE" oculars.

Under test the LE Series oculars provided:

* Increased light transmission through the eyepiece. In other words all the LE oculars provide a brighter image;
* Increase in contrast in every case;
* Sharper images in every case;
* Increase resolution in every case.

The LE series improved every object throughout all the focal length ranges, and in comparison to both standard Plossl field of view and wide-field oculars. This is in brightness, contrast, image resolution and detail of bright and faint objects!

"...I cannot forget when, about two years ago, I had trouble splitting the double star Antares with my Takahashi FS-102 FL refractor, using five different well-known 7.5mm oculars. I started thinking that the said refractor wasn't as good as I thought. Eventually, it dawned upon me that may be I wasn't using the best oculars for the job. However, all my worries disappeared as soon as looked through an LE 7.5mm ED ocular, which fortunately I had still in stock. Antares' green companion, 7th-magnitude star, was there in all its glory!"
(Claude Voarino AEC, 2013)
LE & Hi-LE Technical Specifications and Price
Part Number Model Apparent Field Eye-Relief Weight Barrel Diam.
TKA00520 LE-5mm ED 52 10mm 130g 31.7mm
TKA00521 LE-7.5mm D 52 10mm 115g 31.7mm
TKA00528 LE-10mm 52 - - 31.7mm
TKA00522 LE-12.5mm 52 9mm 100g 31.7mm
TKA00523 LE-18mm 52 13mm 125g 31.7mm
TKA00524 LE-24mm 52 17mm 150g 31.7mm
TKA00525 LE-30mm 52 20mm 170g 31.7mm
TKA00526 HI LE-2.8mm 42 5.8mm 130g 31.7mm
TKA00527 HI LE-3.6mm 40 7.5mm 130g 31.7mm
TKA00531 LE-50mm 52 40mm 570g 50.8mm

CLICK HERE for TAKAHASHI Eyepiece Prices
TAKAHASHI Extra-Wide-Field (90) TAK-UW Eyepieces
Takahashi LE and Hi-LE Eyepieces are well known to be the best eyepieces on the market for sharpness, colour correction, contrast and resolution; now Takahashi has expanded their range of professional-standard eyepieces with the new TAK-UW Extra-Wide-Field (90) Series
Takahashi TAK-UW Series
Takahashi TAK-UW Technical Specifications
Part Number Model Focal Length Apparent FoV Eye Relief Weight
TKA00600 TAK-3.3UW
(10 Elements in 6 groups)
3.3mm 90 degrees 12mm 470g
TKA00601 TAK-5.7UW
(10 Elements in 6 groups)
5.7mm 90 degrees 12mm 450g
TKA00602 TAK-7UW
(8 Elements in 5 groups)
7mm 90 degrees 12mm 430g
TKA00603 TAK-10UW
(8 Elements in 5 groups)
10mm 90 degrees 12mm 420g

TAK-5.7UW mounted on TOA-130
TAK-5.7UW mounted on TOA-130
CLICK HERE for TAKAHASHI Eyepiece Prices
TAKAHASHI Abbe-Orthoscopic Eyepieces
Takahashi Abbe-Orthoscopic Technical Specifications
Part Number Model Apparent FoV Eye Refief Weight
TKA00700 Abbe 6mm 44 4.8mm N/A
TKA00701 Abbe 9mm 44 7.5mm 80g 
TKA00702 Abbe 12.5mm 44 10mm N/A
TKA00703 Abbe 18mm 44 15mm 110g
TKA00704 Abbe 25mm 44 22mm N/A
TKA00705 Abbe 32mm 44 28mm 155g

TAKAHASHI Abbe-Orthoscopic Eyepieces
CLICK HERE for TAKAHASHI Eyepiece Prices

Kokusai Kohki continues the tradition of offering the highest quality Japanese made Orthoscopic eyepieces with the introduction of our brand new FUJIYAMA HD-OR eyepiece line up. Fujiyama HD-ORs are hand crafted at our Tokyo factory, and individually inspected by us before we ship.

   Named after the Japanese name for that sky reaching symbol of Japan, Mt. Fuji, the FUJIYAMA HD-ORs come standard with multi-coatings on all four air to glass surfaces, giving them extended light throughput, and brighter images overall, as compared to our previous OR eyepiece line up. And all lenses are edge blackened to reduce internal light scatter and reflections to an absolute minimum. (And, for the record, cemented lens surfaces are UNcoated).

   The entire Fujiyama lineup is parfocal, accepts standard 1.25" filters, and comes with plastic eyepiece caps. The chrome barrels of the Fujiyama HD-ORs are straight up and down, and we have removed the helpful, but also often annoying, safety groove.

   Solid construction, bright, cleaner and sharp views throughout a fully corrected 42 degree FOV with sharp field stops, makes the Fujiyamas perfect for every type of viewing, and are also an excellent match with high end apochromats for hard core planetary, lunar, solar and double star viewing.

   Each eyepiece carries a one year Kokusai Kohki parts and labor warranty.

"Our promise to you: you will either LOVE your FUJIYAMA HD-OR eyepiece or you get your money back!"
..from the Kokusai Kohki website.
Fujiyama HD-OR Eyepieces
Product ID. Focal
Size F.O.V. Coatings Eye Relief Field
Lens OD
Weight Price
1004 HD-OR
1.25" 42 M/C + edges
3.4mm 2.6mm 4.0mm ~ 60g $130.00
1005 HD-OR
1.25" 42 M/C + edges
4.0mm 3.4mm 4.5mm ~ 60g $130.00
1006 HD-OR
1.25" 42 M/C + edges
4.9mm 4.2mm 5.8mm ~ 60g $130.00
1007 HD-OR
1.25" 42 M/C + edges
6.1mm 4.8mm 6.5mm ~ 60g $130.00
1008 HD-OR
1.25" 42 M/C + edges
7.6mm 6.3mm 8.3mm ~ 60g $130.00
1009 HD-OR
1.25" 42 M/C + edges
10.4mm 9.2mm 11.0mm ~ 80g $130.00
1010 HD-OR
1.25" 42 M/C + edges
15.2mm 12.5mm 16.0mm ~ 100g $130.00
1011 HD-OR
1.25" 42 M/C + edges
22.2mm 17.4mm 21.0mm ~ 120g $130.00
Fujiyama HD-OR Eyepieces
Model Size Field of View Price
Masuyama 32mm 2" Barrel 85 FOV $478.00
Masuyama 45mm 2" Barrel 53 FOV $612.00
Masuyama 50mm 2" Barrel 53 FOV $736.00
Masuyama 60mm 2" Barrel 46 FOV $885.00
NIKON & PENTAX Eyepieces
NIKON Model Price
EiC-16 (1.6x Extender) $330.00
NAV-5mm SW $463.00
NAV-7mm SW $463.00
NAV-10mm SW $463.00
NAV-14mm SW $463.00
NAV-17.5mm SW $538.00
NAV-12.5mm HW $1,329.00
NAV-17mm HW $1,342.00
PENTAX Model Price
XW 3.5mm $492.00
XW 5mm $463.00
XW 7mm $463.00 
XW 10mm  $463.00 
XW 14mm  $463.00 
XW 20mm  $463.00 
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The above images and information and gathered from various online sources

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