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10th July 2017

Here is some of the many feedback comments we have received from our customers
"Hi Claude,
After having compared the performance of my TAKAHASHI TOA-130NS with other 5" apochromatic refractors, I must say that you were spot on when you told me that this Takahashi refractor gives the highest contrast! Consquently, hard to see planetary details (with other scopes) are clearly visible with the TOA-130."

(George Murani - WA)
"Dear Claudio,
Firstly the 7.5 Takahashi eyepiece I purchased from you is absolutely fabulous and I thank you for that ...now I would like to purchase the Takahashi LE -5mm ED"

(Robert Shanahan - South Arm, TAS)
"Hi Claude,
I must admit I am highly impressed with the Mewlon 180C. Apart from its excellent planetary and lunar capabilities it really surprises on globular clusters, and the milky way, particularly Eta Carinae, plus M42 is simply spectacular! I think my most vivid memory will be Sirius the other evening as I used an LE-5mm eyepiece giving 432x, perfect diffraction rings and seeing its companion star, Sirius B. "

(Stephen Brennan - Blackheath, NSW)
"I received the 10MICRON Mount this morning - Quality looks astounding! Can't wait to use it!"

(Josh Ginges - NSW)
"The Mewlon-210 is fantastic, by the way... very solid and easy to use!"

(Brad Kelly - NSW)
"Hi Claude
I Received the MEF-3 for the TSA-120, I wish I ordered it when I brought the scope, it works extremely well! I had purchased a US-made Micro-focuser for the TSA-120 but it just couldn't handle the weight of my CCD/FW and my bigger two inch eyepieces. The MEF-3 took a few minutes to install and adjust and just works, very happy!"

(Stuart Welfare - Landsdale, WA)
"Hi Claude,
I have just come in from seeing M42 through my TOA-130 NFB for the first time.

OMG!!! My 8yo and I were blown away. I thought the FSQ-106 was amazing, this is a different league again. Bright and dark lanes are so easily visible through the gas of the nebula. All the stars are like jewels jumping out at you. Absolutely perfect optics! Tight pinpoint stars across the field.

Amazing. I couldn't be happier with this scope!"

(Dr Craig Semple - Geelong, VIC)
"Hi Claude,
The TOA-130NFB has absolutely perfect optics! Despite a bit of fog staring to form I could easily see Saturn's A and B rings, 5 moons and even the shadow of the rings on the disc. The Jewel Box looked exactly like a jewel box.
AMAZING COLOURS!!!! It was so easy to see all 3 stars of Alpha Crux The moon- 3d. Omega Centauri - awesome! I could go on and on.... My boys love the FSQ's new big brother.

Thanks again, Claude, for pointing me in the right direction and helping me buy a scope that I am sure will be in my family for generations - it is rock solid!"

(Dr Craig Semple - Geelong, VIC)
"Dear Claude,
I am finding your website devoted to telescopes of value to me. I am in the process of acquiring a somewhat rare Takahashi CN212 telescope from an owner in Southern California. Thank you for your excellent service to astronomers world wide!"

(Gene Cross - Niles District, Fremont, California USA)
“Hi Claude, Thanks for the great and prompt service. The FC-76 has been put to good use already and is a great little scope. It leaves nothing to be desired. In fact, even though I also own a 10" reflector, I consider the FC-76 my main instrument. I prefer quality over aperture!”

(Mirko Harnisch - Tahamoor, NSW)
“Hi Claude, I'm enjoying the TAKAHASHI E-130D! It's an excellent scope, so solid with such crisp images (visual and photo).”

(Simon Waters  -  VIC)
“Just to let you know the TSA102 arrived safely. It is indeed a beautiful scope. I was able to view the occultation of Saturn by the Moon. The optics are most certainly superb!”

(Matt James  -  Googong, NSW)
“The FSQ-106ED is amazing! — Perfect star test on Canopus near zenith (not surprising, it's a TAK) — Nebulae look beautiful — I have never seen Jupiter's equatorial bands and moons look so clear — The moon looks 3D — Simply amazing ....this scope is a Masterpiece!”

(Craig Semple  -  Geelong, VIC)
“Hello Claude, the FC76 Objective Unit is fantastic, I am using it with the Denkmeier Binoviewers (with the Objective attached directly to the FS60 focuser without the CB tube).”

(Matt Saarikko  -  Canberra, ACT)
“Dear Claude,

Thank you for all your help with the purchase of this wonderful TSA-102S telescope. I can say it's wonderful because I was lucky enough to be able to look through it the same night I received it. I and three other colleagues were blown away with the view of Saturn at dusk in a 5 out of 10 sky with Titan clearly visible. The weather here has closed in now, but me and my friends are looking forward to many more nights looking through this wonderful instrument. Thank you Mr Takahashi - it was worth every penny, this was my last shot in the locker, I will enjoy this instrument in my retiring years.

Yours truly”

(Les O'Neill - Grovedale, VIC)
“The TSA-120 still continues to impress us and everyone who looks through it at events, etc.”
(James Pierce - VIC)
“I am glad I listened to you and bought the Takahashi EM-400 Temma 2M Mount, instead of the other brand I was thinking of buying. When recently I had the opportunity to compare my EM-400 with two other popular mounts, I realized I made the right choice. Thank you!”

(G. Paularis - Auckland, NZ)
“Hey Claude,

I just wanted to write you an email to say thank you for all the support AEC has given me. Last weekend I was able to attend the South Pacific Star Party and give my Takahashi FSQ-106EDXIII it's first dark sky outing. Having a sub-optimum mount for this high quality telescope I was still absolutely amazed at the detail of the photos I was taking (and so were my friends set up next to me, imaging with very similar aperture refractors). I was absolutely astounded by the depth of the star field captured in my images, let alone the detail of the nebula. This was infinitely better than my last telescope I used for imagine (8" Newtonian).

I would also like to thank you for the help you have provided me in getting the telescope working correctly. Providing support and even a part without cost. Plus dealing with my pre-star party panic of not having the eyepiece adaptor (which arrived in time and was up to Takahashi's very high standard). I will definitely use, and recommend, your company to all who ask. Thank you.”

(Scott Dimmock - Kensington, NSW)
“The TSA-120 is a quick grab and go scope for spur of the moment visuals. Optical quality is outstanding and side-by-side with even the best 8inch Schmidt-Cassegrain, the visuals are much better!”

(P. Robustellini - ACT)
“I was privileged to stay in southern France in January, and had the opportunity to take images through a TAK FSQ85, and use a TEC-140 for visual observing. Regarding the 140mm TEC-140 : the seeing was moderately good (I would give it a 6 or 7 out of 10) and I had some great views of Jupiter and Orion which were high overhead. I was surprised though that it was very difficult to see the "E" and "F" stars in the trapezium in M42, even at 200x. The main trapezium stars were "bloated" compared to what I expected, and they tended to wash out the faint E and F stars.

Since I came home I have looked at the Trapezium from my home in Adelaide through my TAK TSA-102 a number of times, with seeing grading from poor to good (say 4 to 8 out of 10). Even in poor seeing I have been able to glimpse the E and F stars from 63x upwards and in good seeing they are easy to spot, even in twilight conditions (around 15 min after sunset). Orion is of course much lower than it was in France, and the TSA-102 has less aperture than the TEC-140 so I was expecting that the TEC-140 would have performed better. This was decidedly not the case. The star images in the TSA-102 have been consistently sharper than in the TEC-140, and I have seen more detail than I could through the TEC-140!”

(D. Davidson - S.A.)
“The TOA-130NS is nothing short of fabulous, it is easy to use, performs beyond my expectations, and is built to last a life time. This is a scientific instrument, and I only just beginning to learn how to use it.
I took my first photograph using a standard DSLR, nothing flash, just the moon from my back yard. But the result was stunning, a friend of mine even published it on her web site in Spain, she was so impressed!”
(Garth Hayter - Adelaide, SA)
“G’ day Claude, Once again thank you for all your expert advice. Your guidance has prevented me from being "penny wise, pound foolish!! ". No doubt I will call upon your very capable services again and will forward you some pictures in due time.”
(P. Roxburgh, NSW)
“Hi Claude, I have to say the choice of going with Takahashi equipment was the correct one, I am very impressed with the quality and workmanship and I now look forward to using it.”
(Les Brown - Auckland, NZ)
“Hi Claude, I had a chance to get the FSQ-106 out the other night and I am very happy - a beautiful scope!”
(M. Mason - Langwarrin, Vic.)
“The EM-200 Temma-2M is a beautiful mount - quality simply oozes out of it.... My only regret is that I didn't purchase a Takahashi mount 11 years ago!”
(D. Simmons - QLD)
“Boy am I happy with the TOA-130NS images of the moon and planets. Simply stunning in clear steady moments Claude, with wonderful contrast. I see detail which does just not show in other telescopes, giving me everything I need to stimulate further study of Lunar science. Everything I had hoped for in a Lunar and planetary scope and more, definitely!”
(W. Herbert - W.A)
“...I am looking at purchasing a TOA-130 soon - have looked through one, and perfection comes to mind. Will check out the new range of TAK-UW Eyepieces.”
(S. Welfare)
“Ciao Claudio, I love the FS-60CB... What a beautiful little refractor!!”
(J. Salini - Cleveland, QLD)
“Hi Claude, The 2 items have arrived, checked with perfect working order. TAK's quality is superb. Many thanks. Hope to deal with you again soon.”
(David Nguyen - Casula, NSW)
“Well, Claudio, I don't know what to say. The new Takahashi 2" diagonal has given me a whole new telescope. The eyepieces seem to be like circular windows in the sky, nebula stand out, the Jewel Box twinkles, ETA carina reveals lanes. The 7.5 mm eyepiece has enough light to allow me to see more. Seems the Sky 90, takahashi eyepieces, and the 2" diagonal were made to blend into giving an optical view of astronomical proportions. All this in 1/2hr viewing. Thanks for your encouragement in purchasing and patience in my heeding your advice.”
(Rev. Arthur Tanner - Tasmania)
“Hi Claude, I received the FSQ in good order yesterday afternoon and tried it out on Saturn last night. Astonishing performance for a 4". Can't wait to get it under a dark sky and taking some photographs.”
(Andrew Lockwood - NSW)
“TOA-130: ...The packaging is just fantastic. There is no chance that this scope was going to get damaged in transit. Very well engineered. Now the scope, holy cow, it is enormous. It looks way way bigger than my TSA102. Not just 30mm.

But, as with the TSA it is an awesome sight. The focuses is enormous and super smooth. The finish is amazing, beautiful shiny tube. And the castings are just a work of art. Almost everything is oversized, so should be easy to adjust things, even with gloves on a cold night. It is now sitting with the rings and top plate attached on the dining table. I have spent a fair amount of time ( hours) just looking at it.

It is just a wonderful sight. For all the reports I have read as a part of my research which are glowing of the scopes optical qualities. The fit and finish are just as good. It is a world class piece of equipment. World class!”
(Peter Saunders - Elthon, North Vic.)
“...Having in various occasions compared the Takahashi "LE" oculars with other brands, I found them to be the best! This is why recently I bought one of the new Takahashi 5.7mm 90 deg. U.W. ocular. I am so impressed with its overall optical performance that I am saving the money to buy the 10mm as well!”
(Fred Jackson - Wellington, NZ.)
“Hello Claude, you were right! The Takahashi 2" Mirror Star Diagonal you recommended to me is superior to any other I have tested in the past few - including the German-made ones. Thank you very much.”
(G. Morini - Hobart, Tas.)
“...The T-REX arrived on Friday thank you and it is absolutely great. The construction and finish is superb and my CN-212 and TOA-130 fit perfectly!”
(Stephen J. Brennan - NSW)
“...I am pleased to inform you that the Takahashi 5-turret reached me today, 11 February. All is well and I feel impressed how professional and safe it was packed, assuring a 100% damage-free postal transport around the world. Thank you very much for this outstanding packing. The turret itself is a real nice item, I love it. I will be pleased to be a returning customer at your house.”
(S. Wanner - Schlieren, Switzerland)
“Hello Claudio. I was visiting your Astronomy Website today, just to browse to see your gear on sale and read your article about the 'stirrers' who phone you up to cause problems. I don't know if you remember me... but we have spoken at least 3 times (that I can recall ) over about a 3 year period. My name is Colin, and I live in Deception Bay. I bought a Intes 5" Mak. off you in 2008. We spoke for quiet some time... and I picked your brains for information about what would be suitable and available within my budget. I personally found you extremely helpful and upfront about all questions that I asked...!!!

For those who call you to just 'rubbish' your products or argue over which 'brand telescopes' are better than others..... NEED TO GET A LIFE. Indeed they are 'time wasters' and neither you or any owner of Astronomy Supplies should 'entertain' their stupid ramblings.

You provide OUTSTANDING SERVICE to the Astro' Community and you deserve a better deal as far as manners go from some of the 'idiots' out there. Keep up the GOOD work you provide... and you certainly have some nice gear in stock... ( I only wish I could afford a TAK scope ) ...maybe one day I will.”
(Colin - Deception Bay, QLD.)
“...I must say the Takahashi FQR-1's are excellent and much much better than the BT Technologies quick release that seems to be on a lot of Tak scopes out there.”
(Dr Tony Keil - Karrinyup, W.A.)
“...I have just had my first proper outing with the Takahashi TSA-102S - and I gotta say ........ WOW! The LE 50, 24 and 7.5 were fantastic!”
(Peter Saunders - VIC)
“...Hello Claude, The quality of my TSA-102 is just superb!”
(Peter Saunders - VIC)
“To A.E.C and Claude in particular.  Regarding the recent deplorable behaviour of certain misguided and ill-informed individuals in posting negative, unfounded criticism about A.E.C and it's commitment to customer service, and your business practice, rest assured, in general the astronomical community as a whole are not gullible fools who would give any credence to the bitter public rant of basically 1 obnoxious tool, and really, your success and FINE reputation in your industry speak for themselves. Personally, I have found dealing with Claude an absolute pleasure, as his wealth of knowledge, and his readiness to "share" that knowledge Winking smile, both reassuring and honest.  

Cheers to A.E.C  and Merry Christmas!”
(Darrell - a very happy customer)
“...The Takahashi LE 30mm is absolutely superb. Colour rendition, resolution and contrast are of the highest order. The best value for money I have had returned in a long time. Thank you.
(Clay Reid - Clare, SA)
“Hi Claude, recently, I had the opportunity to compare my TSA-120 Super-Apochromat with a Maksutov M-715, and I am glad I listened to you and bought the refractor. Although the image was slightly brighter in the Maksutov, the TSA-120 split Antares much better and more consistently than the M-715. Also, the refractor showed a more contrasty image than the Mak.”
(M. Clementi - NSW)
“...The performance of the Mewlon 250 continues to impress me, and it has now become my living room telescope. That is the telescope I take out to the backyard often and use the most. A good recommendation in itself.
Great night & great telescope!!”
(Scott Squires - US reviewer)
“I have been dealing with Claude since the early 1990's and in every aspect has endeavoured to meet my requirements. More recently I have purchased a number of high quality Takahashi products which include an EM-200 Tessa 2M mount, Sky Patrol III mount, P2-Z mount, CN-212 OTA, FS-60CSV  OTA and a number of related accessories. I can honestly say that the prices have been excellent, delivery was on time and have had absolutely no troubles with any of his supplied items. Above all, communication with Claude has been a pleasure as he takes the time to make sure that all transactions go smoothly. Claude has even shipped some of my orders before I have sent payment, very trusting indeed”
(Stephen Brennan - Winmalee, NSW)
“Hi Claude, I hope all's going well for you. I had a spectacular image of Jupiter last night through the TOA-130 you sold to me, I continue to be amazed by the instrument.”
(Dr  D.Weldrake  -  A.C.T.)
“...I am very pleased with my new EM-200 Temma 2M mount. The the polar alignment scope allowed me to quickly align the mount to the South Celestial Pole with such remarkable accuracy that there was no need to drift align. That was the very first time that I had used the mount! Even more pleasing was my measurement of the periodic error of the gear train as being close to half that of the specified +/- 5 arc sec. Because both accuracy and quality are very important to me I am glad that I did not compromise, and paid for the satisfaction that comes with owning this mount.”
(Jon Partlett - NSW)
“...WOW, what a scope!! I cannot ever see selling this scope unless maybe one day I win the lotto and buy the Mewlon-400. Not only does the Mewlon-300 give you refractor like images of the Planets, on Deep sky objects, its aperture is far superior to the refractors too. I had a few people come up to me at another Star Party and after looking through the Mewlon-300 at M13 they commented that it gave a better view than their 18”, 22” and 24” dobs. The reason they said the background was jet black making the object stand out better, and that the stars in the cluster were pin point just like in a refractor. What more can one want from a scope?”
(From a review in "Cloudy Nights" of the old Mewlon-300)
“...Recently, I had the chance to compare my Takahashi TSA-102S with another well-known refractor of similar aperture   -   now I know why Takahashi telescopes have become so popular! Thank you very much, Claude, for recommending such a great telescope to me. The two LE eyepieces I bought with the telescope are also great!”
(Carl Johnson - WA)
“...Over the weekend I had the opportunity to use the new TOA-130 and I just wanted to email to let you know that I was totally amazed by the level of image quality, colour definition, clarity, sharpness and stability that the telescope was producing. I only had average seeing, but the image of Saturn was among the best I've ever had, the shadow of the rings on the planet was as dark as the background sky, and the planet's cloud details were clear. I even think I made out vague markings on Mars, which is quite an achievement when the disk is only 6 arc-seconds across. Venus suffered from the seeing but there was no false colour at all.
Star images were perfect diffraction patterns in true colour and close double stars were no match for the quality of the optics.
So I wanted to email to thank you for helping me to obtain such an amazing instrument.”
(Dr. D. Weldrake - A.C.T.)
“…Claude, the Takahashi FS-102 telescope and LE oculars you sent me are fantastic! It has been a pleasure to do business with you!” 
(Garry Lord - Birdswood, WA)
“The "LE" Series of oculars are the sharpest and best colour-corrected eyepieces my friends and I have ever seen!” 
(G. Wilton, SA)
“…My Takahashi "FS-102" refractor lets me fly  higher than a Wedge Tail eagle!”  
(C. Poulish, SA)
“…In my opinion, Takahashi telescopes, mounts and accessories have the word "professionalism" written on each of them!”  
(M. Paularo - WA)
“…My "Mewlon" arrived in good condition  -  many thanks. It is a work of art!”  
(R. Theunissen - QLD)
“…I received the "TOA-150" on Friday. Many thanks.  That is one hell of a telescope  -  very impressive!”  
(G. Bond - QLD)
“…I am very happy with the Takahashi "TGM-2" Guiding Mount I purchased from you last year.”  
(Blair Lade, ASSA Instrument Officer)
“…You were right, Claude. Under test, the Takahashi  "FS-60C" performed superbly, even at very high magnifications  -  which is more than I can say for another well-known refractor of larger aperture!”  
(A. Gebsky -  WA)
“…Thank you Claude for convincing me to purchase a Takahashi  "TOA-130" refractor and  "EM-200  Temma 2" mount, instead of the telescope-mount set-up I was about to buy!”  
(J. Brown - NSW)
“...Hi Claude, I thought you might like to know my "Mewlon-180" is continuing to excel in the planetary imaging work!”  
(R. Theunissen - QLD)
“…After recollimating my Takahashi "FS-102" refractor, its optical performance blew me away!”  
(C. Buckingham - NSW)
“…I have received the "TOA-150" and  "EM-400" mount  -  my compliments to your company for the excellent quality of your products!”  
(J. Waller, SA -from Mr Waller's e-mail to Takahashi)
“…I am the very proud owner of  the following Takahashi products:  "FS-60C"  -  "FS-78"  -   "Sky-90"   -   "FS-102"  -   "FS-128"  and   "Mewlon-250"   telescopes,  as well as a pair of  "22x60" binoculars,  a "NJP  Temma-2" mount, lots of accessories, including all the "LE" Series oculars.   I must say that their optical and mechanical performance, as well as construction and looks, are awsome!”  
(S. Dougherty - VIC)
“…So far, I am more than impressed with the EPSILON-180 ED build quality and the rotatable focuser for camera orientation.”    “ …Hope you are keeping well and busy selling your lovely equipment.” 
(Shevill Mathers - TAS)
“ … I ran a quick test between the “FC-60” and my newly acquired “Pronto”. At lower powers, there was virtually no difference; both scopes looked wonderful. Both will show you virtually all the Messier objects, and will look great on the planets. However, as I pushed the powers up, the “FS-60” seemed to hold up better. Around 150X, the “Pronto” starts to break down. The Takahashi is like the Energizer Bunny. The images start getting dim at high power, but it just keeps going on, and going …” 
(Ed Ting, astronomical equipment reviewer - USA)
“…The “FS-152” yields impressive contrast. The more I look through these premium refractors, the more convinced I am that nothing on the market today rivals the contrast of these Takahashi fluorite doublets!”  
(Ed Ting, astronomical equipment reviewer - USA)
“ …The 4” focuser is massive, and the green highlights exude coolness. The build quality is typical of Takahashi: beautiful, functional, and with an air of overkill. Visually it’s a stunner!” 
(Ed Ting, astronomical equipment reviewer - USA)
“…Hope you are well. I am getting a lot of pleasure from my Tak “FS-102” ..” 
(Mateljan - WA)
“…I must say that the “LE” oculars I have purchased from you, blow the competition right out of the water!” 
(Greg Flinders - NZ)
“…Recently, I had the opportunity to compare the looks and performance of the Takahashi FS-102 and two other well-known 102mm Apochromatic Refractors. And it is most definitely the FS-102 that I am going to buy.” 
(Phil Smith - SA)
“…I received the Mewlon-250 yesterday; and I must say it is an impressive item indeed!”
(Ross Davies - NSW)
“…I'm really enjoying my TOA-150 - I love it!! The quality of it in every respect is just phenomenal!”
(Ross Davies - NSW)
"...My friend Greg and I got better results with the Takahashi Mewlon-250 on a poor 'seeing' night than we have ever gotten using other brands of telescopes, even on nights of good seeing."
(Anthony Dutton)
"...the P-2Z is magnificent!"
(Daniel Soderstrom - WA)
"...the Takahashi LE eyepieces are head and shoulders above all the other eyepieces I have tried! thankyou Claude for recommending them to me."
(John Griffith - VIC)
"...My P2-Z is working perfectly; I am glad I got it, as this mount is a work of art!"
(Peter Schagen - QLD)
"...I am very impressed with the performance of the TSA-102; It is a lovely scope, and I am a proud owner."
(Jeff Kopittke - NSW)
"...Thank you so much for your help in me getting the 'Mewlon-300" - it really is fantastic!"
(Wayne Bizzaca - WA)
"...My God, what a difference!  This little FSQ-106ED really is something special!  The very first image really was Tak-sharp from edge to edge.  I am thoroughly amazed and excited!"
(Eddie Trimarchi - QLD)
"...I received the Takahashi EM-200 Mount, Tripod, and FSQ-106ED. Opening up the boxes was very exciting; you can see the quality in each and every piece of equipment  -  they are simply a work of art!"
(Richard Carmichael - NSW)
"Claude, the second hand TOA-130S you sent me looks as good as new, and it is an absolutely beautiful telescope!"
(Dave Stanicic - NSW)
" .... In my own opinion, the Takahashi TSA-102S  is the consummate visual 4" refractor. With it's f/8 focal ratio, false color is nonexistent, and other aberrations are beyond detection."
(Larry Carlino -  California US, Refractor Expert & Telescope Reviewer)
" .... After more than a dozen observing sessions with the TAK TSA-102, direct comparisons with other telescopes, and considering the opinions of knowledgeable observing buddies, I'm fully convinced that the telescope has taken APO performance to the next level. How could it be improved? Perhaps a rotatable dual-speed focuser could be made standard and the price of the "must have" accessories reduced a little. As to the optics, it's pretty difficult to improve upon perfection!"
(Larry Carlino -  California US, Refractor Expert & Telescope Reviewer)


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