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30th January 2019

 about the outstanding TAKAHASHI TOA-130 and TOA-150 Telescopes
Astro-Photo's Taken With The TAKAHASHI TOA-130
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"Hi Claude,
After having compared the performance of my TAKAHASHI TOA-130NS with other 5" apochromatic refractors, I must say that you were spot on when you told me that this Takahashi refractor gives the highest contrast! Consquently, hard to see planetary details (with other scopes) are clearly visible with the TOA-130."

(George Murani - WA)
"Hi Claude,
I have just come in from seeing M42 through my TOA-130 NFB for the first time.

OMG!!! My 8yo and I were blown away. I thought the FSQ-106 was amazing, this is a different league again. Bright and dark lanes are so easily visible through the gas of the nebula. All the stars are like jewels jumping out at you. Absolutely perfect optics! Tight pinpoint stars across the field.

Amazing. I couldn't be happier with this scope!"

(Dr Craig Semple - Geelong, VIC)
"Hi Claude,
The TOA-130NFB has absolutely perfect optics! Despite a bit of fog staring to form I could easily see Saturn's A and B rings, 5 moons and even the shadow of the rings on the disc. The Jewel Box looked exactly like a jewel box.
AMAZING COLOURS!!!! It was so easy to see all 3 stars of Alpha Crux The moon- 3d. Omega Centauri - awesome! I could go on and on.... My boys love the FSQ's new big brother.

Thanks again, Claude, for pointing me in the right direction and helping me buy a scope that I am sure will be in my family for generations - it is rock solid!"

(Dr Craig Semple - Geelong, VIC)
“The TOA-130NS is nothing short of fabulous, it is easy to use, performs beyond my expectations, and is built to last a life time. This is a scientific instrument, and I only just beginning to learn how to use it.
I took my first photograph using a standard DSLR, nothing flash, just the moon from my back yard. But the result was stunning, a friend of mine even published it on her web site in Spain, she was so impressed!”
(Garth Hayter - Adelaide, SA)
“Boy am I happy with the TOA-130NS images of the moon and planets. Simply stunning in clear steady moments Claude, with wonderful contrast. I see detail which does just not show in other telescopes, giving me everything I need to stimulate further study of Lunar science. Everything I had hoped for in a Lunar and planetary scope and more, definitely!”
(W. Herbert - W.A)
“...I am looking at purchasing a TOA-130 soon - have looked through one, and perfection comes to mind. Will check out the new range of TAK-UW Eyepieces.”
(S. Welfare)
“TOA-130: ...The packaging is just fantastic. There is no chance that this scope was going to get damaged in transit. Very well engineered. Now the scope, holy cow, it is enormous. It looks way way bigger than my TSA102. Not just 30mm.

But, as with the TSA it is an awesome sight. The focuses is enormous and super smooth. The finish is amazing, beautiful shiny tube. And the castings are just a work of art. Almost everything is oversized, so should be easy to adjust things, even with gloves on a cold night. It is now sitting with the rings and top plate attached on the dining table. I have spent a fair amount of time ( hours) just looking at it.

It is just a wonderful sight. For all the reports I have read as a part of my research which are glowing of the scopes optical qualities. The fit and finish are just as good. It is a world class piece of equipment. World class!”
(Peter Saunders - Elthon, North Vic.)
“Hi Claude, I hope all's going well for you. I had a spectacular image of Jupiter last night through the TOA-130 you sold to me, I continue to be amazed by the instrument.”
(Dr  D.Weldrake  -  A.C.T.)
“...Over the weekend I had the opportunity to use the new TOA-130 and I just wanted to email to let you know that I was totally amazed by the level of image quality, colour definition, clarity, sharpness and stability that the telescope was producing. I only had average seeing, but the image of Saturn was among the best I've ever had, the shadow of the rings on the planet was as dark as the background sky, and the planet's cloud details were clear. I even think I made out vague markings on Mars, which is quite an achievement when the disk is only 6 arc-seconds across. Venus suffered from the seeing but there was no false colour at all. Star images were perfect diffraction patterns in true colour and close double stars were no match for the quality of the optics.
So I wanted to email to thank you for helping me to obtain such an amazing instrument.”
(Dr. D. Weldrake - A.C.T.)
“…I received the "TOA-150" on Friday. Many thanks.  That is one hell of a telescope  -  very impressive!”  
(G. Bond - QLD)
“…Thank you Claude for convincing me to purchase a Takahashi  "TOA-130" refractor and  "EM-200  Temma 2" mount, instead of the telescope-mount set-up I was about to buy!”  
(J. Brown - NSW)
“…I have received the "TOA-150" and  "EM-400" mount  -  my compliments to your company for the excellent quality of your products!”  
(J. Waller, SA -from Mr Waller's e-mail to Takahashi)
“…I'm really enjoying my TOA-150 - I love it!! The quality of it in every respect is just phenomenal!”
(Ross Davies - NSW)
"Claude, the second hand TOA-130S you sent me looks as good as new, and it is an absolutely beautiful telescope!"
(Dave Stanicic - NSW)


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