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16th November 2016



The Mewlon-180C is a Dall-Kirkham optical system best used visually for lunar and planetary observation as well as imaging and can be used for observation of deep space objects. The classical Cassegrain optical system uses a parabolic concave primary mirror and a convex hyperbolic secondary. This design eliminates spherical aberration, but it is difficult to produce the hyperbolic secondary and collimation is difficult. The Dall Kirkham design uses a concave elliptical primary mirror and a convex spherical secondary in which any spherical aberration is corrected by this design approach using both mirrors for correction.

The Dall Kirkham optical design is best suited for lunar and planetary viewing as well as the observation of small deep space objects that require higher magnification, However, the Dall-Kirkham is capable of producing images as good as those produced by a Newtonian reflector. This design can produce images visually, and by using CCD camera, images of the planets images of highest quality, Takahashi has successfully developed a compact and easy to use telescope.

The spherical secondary mirror has allowed the mirror making, assembling, and adjusting of the Dall-Kirkham to become easier. This has enabled Takahashi to provide high performance on a continuous basis. Additionally, a paring system is used to insure the best match between the primary and the secondary as they are produced as closely possible at the same time and due to this pairing, there is no quality difference between the mating mirrors. The new HR multi-layer mirror coating increases reflectivity by 7% as compared to the original Mewlon-180.

The Mewlon-180C tube is an open tube telescope. Since there is no correction plate over the front of the tube, the the mirror can equalize with the ambient temperature which will stabilize quickly, and the air inside the tube will stabilize turbulence. The Mewlon-180C, with its long focal length, will produce sharp high contrast images of the Moon and planets. Ten baffles have been placed inside the primary baffle tube to produce images with great contrast and excellent sharpness.

When the tube assembly is attached to the mount, the Mewlon holder has one part, the dove-tail attached to the tube assembly and the detached saddle plate which is attached to the mount. The tube assembly can be conveniently attached and removed from the mount, using this dove-tail system.

MEWLON-180C Technical Specifications
Optical System Dall-Kirkham
Effective Aperture 180mm HR Multi-Coated
Effective Focal Length 2160mm
with Flattener/Reducer 1760mm
Effective Focal Ratio f/12
with Flattener/Reducer f/9.8
Secondary Mirror 54mm HR Multi-Coated
Resolving Power 0.64"
Limiting Magnitude 13.0
Light Gathering Power 661x
Total Length 625mm
Diameter 210mm
Weight 6.2kg
Finder Scope 6x30 built-in
Accessories Dove-tail adapter (female)
Tools (Hexagon wrench 1.5mm & 2.5mm
TAKAHASHI Mewlon-180C System Charts
System Charts Will Be Available Soon
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