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21st October 2016


TAKAHASHI Mewlon-210
The Mewlon Series of Dall-Kirkham Telescopes by Takahashi combines refractor-like performance in a larger folded optic reflector design.

If you are looking for a reflector with exceptional and powerful optics, with a generous diameter and with the guarantee of an incredible contrast : The Mewlon-210 is for you ! The Mewlon series are Cassegrain reflectors using the Dall-Kirkham optical design. The elliptic primary mirror is associated with a spherical secondary mirror. The image is returned to the back of the instrument via an opening spared in the center of the primary mirror.

The precision of optical surfaces is at least of 1/20th wave. This standard of quality induces a strong concentration of the light in Airy disc, physical image of a star looked through any optical system. The stellar images are more defined and contrasted. The Mewlon primary mirror, oversized compared to the effective aperture, is installed in a mirror cell especially designed to avoid stress which sometimes generates astigmatism.

The focuser, often one of the weak points of the current telescopes, was particularly neat. The translating mechanism of the primary mirror of Mewlon 180mm and 210mm is machined with a particular care in the Takahashi workshops in order to reduce the shifting, to obtain a softness and an optimal regularity of focusing. The Mewlon-250 and Mewlon-300 are equipped with an electric focuser which moves the secondary mirror.

The Mewlon-210 comes with high quality finder scope, which can also be used as handle without any bending or malfunctioning.
Takahashi Mewlon-210 Takahashi Mewlon-210
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Mewlon-210 Internal
Mewlon-210 Technical Specifications
Aperture 210mm
Focal Length 2415mm
Focal Ratio f/11.5
Limiting Magnitude (Visual) 13.4
Tube Diameter 244mm
Image Circle (mm) 8mm / 39mm w/reducer
Light Grasp 900x
Photographic Field 1.2 w/reducer
Finder Scope 7x50 6.3
Tube Length 700mm
Tube Weight 8kg (17.6lbs)
Resolution 0.55"
Photo/Visual System System Chart PDF - CLICK HERE
Rack & Pinion System Chart PDF - CLICK HERE
Comments from owners of the Mewlon-210

This scope without question is a 10 point rating at the least. Having owned an incredible CN212 and 2 Mewlon 250s, this Lil baby is right on par with each scope type I've mentioned. For anyone looking for a solid, well made, optically exceptional 8" telescope, Buy a Mewlon 210!!


Takahashi Mewlon 210 OTA
It is a nicely designed scope. Nice to look at, even nicer to look through!

Awesome! Never saw an optical quality like this in a non-refractor scope. Its like looking through a big apo. Contrast (on Saturn) is fabulous. Star test estimates wavefront error well above 1/12 lambda. Resolving power is fine as well; during very short moments of perfect seeing Gamma Vir (0.5 in April 2006) looks like a peanut at 636x. Spikes are sometimes visible in the image of bright objects, by those who are not used to it. However it is not disturbing at all though.

Collimation: The collimation screws must be turned by just a tiny bit at a time - much less than in SCTs. I had no difficulties collimating my Mewlon, which holds collimation very well. Used the scope 4 times since then and recollimation was not required at all.

Ease of use: Focusing runs nice and smoothly. Mirror shift only 20 or so. Never saw as little as that in any SCT or Maksutov. Cooling down runs much faster than in SCTs and Maks, because of the open design. The finder must be mentioned as well  -  It is a miracle. Put the object in the crosshairs and it appears in the field of a 322x magnification. It is a carrying handle as well, without harming the alignment ever. Mount wedge is included. The scope is compact, lightweight (8kg) and sturdy, because of the rounded frond end of the tube (its a baffle as well!).
It is a superb planetary scope for both observation and imaging, and for deep sky observation as well. Though for deep sky imaging Mewlon 210 is not my first choice as result of slow optics and small flat field. Optional Focal reducer reduces f/11.5 to f/9.3, which is no serious improvement.


Mewlon Series is Incredible
My observatory scope is the Mewlon 250 and the Mewlon 210 is my portable scope. The Mewlon 210 is substantially more expensive than a comparable size Celestron or Meade Schmidt-Cassegrain OTA. Is it worth it? Yes! The Mewlon-210 provides views equivalent to a 6 APO refractor costing two or three times more! I own an FS-152 for comparison. The Mewlon holds collimation very well. Focus shift on my 210 is about 20.


Mewlon 210
Pure Takahashi quality! Yes, it has to be properly collimated, but I've found it holds collimation well. Stunning deep sky views with superb contrast! Works great with my EM-11 Temma 2 for visual use and DSLR imaging.


Excellent Performer!
I have owned a Mewlon 210 for just over one month and have had several opportunities to use it. Overall, I am pleased with the scopes very sharp optical performance, quick cool down relative to SCTs and light weight. Planetary images have been excellent and stars are crisp and pinpoint against a dark background. My only minor complaint is some minor image shift my OTA exhibits when changing the direction of the focus knob. As far as collimation goes, I have adjusted mine once and it has held collimation well even after being transported. I have the OTA mounted on an EM11 Temma and the combination is solid and fairly lightweight especially for an aperture of 210mm.


My 5th telescope and the best I ever owned. Take a look at M57, M13 or the Blinking Planetary and you will know why. The Mewlon is a performer and delivers sharp images. Saturn and Jupiter show more details than many APOs I have looked through, Uranus is resolved as big greenish disc, when seeing allows you will even see a hint of cloud formation in Uranus. I have collimated my Mewlon once and this took me 40 minutes, but it holds collimation since then and I often transport my Mewlon. Another big plus for this scope is its low weight. Focus shifting is minimal although it is recognizable in higher magnifications. Overall another great Tak. I love it.

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