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5th June 2018


Parallax Instruments
For the past twenty years Parallax Instruments have been making Newtonian reflectors. These are not "run of the mill" mass-produced instruments! Their prices are relatively high due to the expense of utilizing only the very best components available!
Pi400 Newtonian, HD200 Mount with Pier Pi250 Newtonian
Pi400 Newtonian, HD200 Mount with Pier Parallax Pi250 Newtonian
Newtonian Reflector Specifications
Specifications Pi200 Pi250 Pi320 Pi370 Pi400
Optical Configuration Newtonian Reflector
Effective Aperture (8") 254mm (10") 318mm (12.5") 368mm (14.5") 406mm (16")
Primary Mirror Pyrex
Focal Ratio from f/4.5 up f/6 f/5 f/5 f/5
Focal Length   1524mm 1524mm 1842mm 2032mm
Secondary Mirror   46mm (1.83") 54mm (2.14") 66mm (2.60") 79mm (3.10")
Resolving Power   .45 arc sec .37 arc sec .33 arc sec .29 arc sec
Faintest Magnitude   13.8 15.0 15.3 15.6
Tube Length   1575mm (62") 1575mm (62") 1828mm (72") 2032mm (80")
Tube Diameter   305mm (12") 380mm (18") 416mm (16.4") 482mm (19")
Tube Weight   18.2kg (40 lbs.) 25kg (55 lbs.) 32.7kg (72 lbs.) 43.2kg (95 lbs.)
Finder 7x50
Focuser 2" dual speed Crayford
Price: AUD $5,310.00 AUD $7,235.00 AUD $9,745.00 AUD $12,955.00 AUD $17,445.00
Pi200 8" available on request - at focal ratios of f/4.5 and higher
- Prices Do NOT Include Freight -
Parallax HD150
Parallax HD200
Parallax HD300C
Parallax offers 4 models of equatorial mounts. The standard HD150, our fully computerized HD150C and HD200C, and the heavy duty observatory HD300C. Custom mounts up to 4" diameter shafts can be manufactured as special order. All mounts utilize stainless steel shafts and hardware for maximum corrosion resistance. All other components are machined of either high quality aluminum castings or solid bar. Our 10" diameter heavy wall aluminum pier is unmatched in strength with pier legs that wrap around the pier a full 60 degrees of the pier's circumference. We also specialize in custom welded steel permanent observatory piers in any size and height to suit your requirements.

Parallax HD150 Standard, Non-GoTo, German Equatorial Mount with Digital Drives
The Parallax Instruments HD150 Standard German Equatorial Mount is manufactured with precision Timken tapered roller bearings for strength and smooth motions. It features a fully adjustable worm to worm wheel mesh mechanism and worm gear protective shields. Easily adjustable clutch tension knobs are incorporated into the Parallax Instruments HD150 Standard German Equatorial Mount, as well as a detachable stainless steel Declination counterweight shaft with safety stop. DC stepper motors for smooth tracking and minimum current consumption and Losmandy dual axis digital electronics package with full featured, hand held drive controller and control panel. The weight capacity is approximately 150 pounds.

Parallax HD150C and HD200C Large Capacity Computerized German Equatorial Mounts
Parallax also offers our larger German Equatorials with the Astro-Physics GTO Computer System. With its exceptional accuracy and stability, this control system will satisfy the most demanding amateur and professional requirements. The features of the GTO System enables any celestial object to be located and tracked for hours with arc second accuracy. The new DigitalSky Voice system can easily be coupled to the GTO System.

The HD 150C and HD 200C are designed to be completely self contained systems. No additional hardware or software is required. All system controls are contained in the hand held keypad including the vacuum fluorescent display. The 7.15" x 4.1" x 1" controller incorporates laboratory accuracy electronics and self explanatory software.

The polar and declination housings of the HD 150C and HD 200C are precision machined out of type 6061 aluminum bar to exacting tolerances; so important to the demanding performance required of a computer controlled instrument. Large thrust surfaces and close coupling of the declination to polar housing junction assures strength and rapid vibration dampening.

Parallax HD300C Observatory Class German Equatorial Mounts
In an effort to provide extra large capacity mountings to the advanced amateur or institution, Parallax Instruments, Inc. offers the massive fully computerized HD300C German equatorial mount. These no compromise instruments are designed to deliver up to 300 lb. of load carrying capacity at a very reasonable price. Only the finest bearings, gears, and stainless hardware are employed for unmatched strength, rigidity, and tracking precision. The polar axis housing is custom manufactured for the customer's exact latitude at no additional cost as is the height of our optional welded steel observatory piers.

The HD300C instrument employs the Astro-Physics GTO Computer system with an electronics accuracy of better than 2 arc seconds. When mated to the high precision Byers dual axis Starmaster gears, DC servo motors, and high performance planetary gearheads, the result is a mount with incredible tracking capabilities.
Parallax Standard Tube Rings
Parallax offer over 30 different sizes of telescope tube mounting rings ranging from 3" to 24" diameter including many metric sizes. Custom sizes are available.
Parallax Tube Rings   Parallax Rotating Rings
Please specify your drilling and tapping requirements when ordering (No Extra Charge)
75mm OD tubes (Astro-Tech AT-66, Willam Optics ZenithStar 66 SD APO)
3" OD Tubes (TeleVue TV-85 Refractor)
95mm OD Tubes (Takahashi FS-78, Sky-90, Takahashi FSQ-85EDX)
100mm OD Tubes (Orion ED80 and ED100)
4" OD Tubes (Genesis, Genesis SDF, TV-101, TV-102, NP-101, Orion ED80)
114mm OD Tubes (102 ED/APO, Takahashi FS-102 and FSQ-106, 4" Unitron)
125mm OD Tube, Takahashi FSQ-106ED, New TSA-120
5" OD Tubes (TeleVue NP-127)
130mm OD Tube (Explore Scientific 127 ED)
5.5" OD Tubes (Astro-Physics 130 EDT, Meade 127EDT, Celestron C-5, Pentax 125)
145 mm OD Tubes (Takahashi FS-128)
6" OD Tubes (D&G 5" Refractor and TEC 140 APO)
155 mm OD Tubes (Takahashi FS-152, Takahashi TOA-130)
6.5" OD Tubes (Astro-Physics 155 EDF Refractor)
7" OD Tubes (Meade 152 ED, D&G 6" Refractor)
179mm rings for Takahashi TOA-150 refractor
7.5" OD Tubes (Starfinder 6", Parks 6")
8" OD Tubes (Meade 178 ED, Astro-Physics 180 EDT, Takahashi MT - 160, Epsilon 160)
8.9" OD Tubes (Celestron C-8)
9" OD Tubes (D&G 8" Refractor)
9.1" OD Tubes (Meade 8" SCT)
232mm OD Tubes (Takahashi E-180, Vixen Visac 200 Newtonian, AT 8 RC)
9.5" OD Tubes (Starfinder 8")
10" OD Tubes
10.3" OD Tubes (Celestron C-9.25)
11" OD Tubes
11.63" OD Tube (Meade 10" SCT, Meade SN-10 Newtonian)
11.69" OD Tubes (AT 10 RC)
11.75" OD Tubes (Deep Sky Instruments RC-10)
12" OD Tubes (Celestron C-11, Vixen 260)
12" extra heavy duty - for 10-12" refractors
12.7" OD Tubes (Meade 10" Starfinder)
13.6" OD Tubes (Meade 12" SCT)
14" OD Tubes
14.17" OD Tubes (AT 12 RC)
15" OD Tubes
15.3" OD Tubes (Celestron C-14)
15.7" OD Tubes (Meade 14" SCT)
16" OD Tubes
16.4" OD Tubes (Parks 12.5" Newtonian)
17.5" OD Tubes (Meade 16" SCT)
19" OD Tubes (Meade DS16A, 16" Starfinder)
20.7" OD Tubes
22.4" OD Tubes
26.4" OD Tubes
Parallax Rotating Tube Rings
Please specify your drilling and tapping requirements when ordering (No Extra Charge)
6.5" rotating rings (MN-56)
7" rotating rings (Ceravolo HD145)
7.64" rotating rings (MN-66)
9.5" rotating rings (Parks 8" and Starfinder 8" Newtonians)
10" rotating rings(for model PI200 and 10" alum. tubes)
12" rotating rings(for model PI250 and 12" alum. tubes)
15" rotating rings(for model PI320)
16.5" rotating rings(for Parks 12.5" Newtonian)
Please contact AEC regarding availability and local prices




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