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This Page Updated
24th April 2020


AEC Trading Regulations


Quotations and Prices

1) All prices are subject to change without notice. 

2) Everything else remaining the same, price quotations will not change.

3) Advertised prices (including specials) will have to be re-adjusted in accordance with any substantial variation between the rate of exchange on which the said prices were based and the current rate of exchange. Possible manufacturers' price rises will also affect some advertised prices. 

4) A minimum of 25% deposit must be paid to 'lock-in' any given quoted price.  If a deposit has not been made, and the Exchange Rate or Purchase Cost of the item changes significantly before an item is paid-in-full, then the final cost of the item in question may change without notice.

5) Deposits on items ordered upon customer's request are not refundable; however, they can go toward the payment of any other item/s we sell. 

6) As a rule, cancellation of orders will be accepted only when the said orders have not yet been sent to our suppliers, or the requested items are no longer available from the manufacturer.

Purchased Items Return Policy

1) Items ordered upon customer's specific request may not be returned to AEC, unless they are found to be faulty or have been damaged in transit. 

2) Customers who change their minds about their purchases, may return them to AEC for substitution with other items of similar value. The said items will have to be returned within 30 working days from when they were forwarded to the buyer. Items returned to AEC after this prescribed time will attract 10% re-stocking charge. Naturally, they would have to be in their original condition, working order, and packaging. (NB: As a rule, Takahashi returned telescopes and/or mounts will be substituted only with orders of the same brand and similar value.) 

3) Fully insured items, which have been damaged in transit, may be returned to AEC for repair or substitution free of any charges. In this case AEC will also pay for the cost of freight and insurance from and to the customer's residence.

4) All new items sold by us are fully covered by warranty for periods of time that vary from three months to two years. (NB: The warranty of an item (or items) will become void should the customer, or anybody else, have tampered with the said item/s in any way! 

5) Please notify AEC before returning any item (or items) for repair or replacement by the manufactuer.

TAKAHASHI Warranty Information And Rules#

Astronomy And Electronics Centre (AEC) is the only authorized distributor for Takahashi Seisakusho Ltd. of Japan in Australia and New Zealand. We provide exclusive warranty service on all Takahashi instruments authorized for sale by Takahashi in these two countries. Any Takahashi product sold or distributed by AEC. has a full 2-year warranty on all optical and mechanical components and a 1-year warranty on electronic parts and equipment for the original buyer.

Australia and New Zealand customers who need to have their Takahashi product serviced or repaired should contact AEC.

The Takahashi warranty is non-transferable and applies only to the original customer of brand new Takahashi products purchased through AEC.

This warranty covers any defects in materials or workmanship but does not cover misuse, abuse, acts of God, normal wear and tear, or service by anyone other than Takahashi.  

Faulty Takahashi instruments, which have been tampered with by the customer or a third party, will NOT be serviced or repaired by Takahashi free of charge. Repair and service charges are determined by Takahashi

AEC is not required to honour any warranties stated or implied on grey market Takahashi products (i.e. Takahashi products purchased overseas or imported into Australia and New Zealand through any organization, agent or individual other than AEC.)

The customer is responsible for all International shipping charges (under warranty and out-of-warranty). If these instruments have to be sent back to the Takahashi factory in Japan, the customer will have to pay for the cost of freight from AEC to the factory and back, along with any others fees such as customs charges.

The 2% insurance that AEC offers is to cover possible damage or losses which occur in transit from A.E.C. to the customerís residence.

"Acts of God" Events Outside our Control

So far, we have been fortunate - that is, we have never lost a shipment coming from overseas because of flood, fire, ship sinking, air crash, and other disasters involving our shipments. Here, we wish to make it clear that, we do not hold ourselves financially responsible towards our customers, should any of these events outside our control happen! Likewise, we take no financial responsibility should any of our overseas suppliers incur in bankruptcy!

Takahashi Order Cancellations

Order cancellations are subject to the following:

1) Any paid deposits may be transferred to another Takahashi product and will not be refunded in cash.

2) Items that are required to be ordered from the manufacturer (ie. not in stock at time of order) are subject to a 20% cancellation fee because of the impossibility of returning the said items to the manufacturer.

3) Delivery dates are an approximation only. Takahashi is quite reliable (unlike some manufacturer's whose delivery times can be as high as 2 or 3 years). However, unforseen factors can still delay the delivery of ordered items. Cancellations based upon these delivery delays will incur a 20% cancellation fee.

Freight and Insurance

1) AEC uses both the Australian Postal service (for smaller items) and a courier service. Should you arrange the freight and use a different service, AEC's liability ceases when we deliver the supplied items to the courier of your choice. 

2) Freight Insurance is not included by default when placing orders - it is an optional service which customers must request to be added to their order. We strongly suggest that customers ask for freight insurance when placing orders to fully insure all items against damage and loss in transit.

3) Uninsured items which get damaged or lost in transit will not be repaired or substituted free of charge. Customers will be required to follow up lost-item retrieval with the transport service that lost the item. If an item is damaged in transit it may be returned to the manufacturer for repair-under-warranty - however transport cost back to AEC will need to be covered by the customer if freight-insurance was not purchased.

4) Freight Insurance is 2% of the total value of the purchased goods. This fee protects buyers against possible product damage or loss in transit (cheaper insurance charges will only partially protect you!), however damage caused by 'acts of god' as they are known are not covered by insurance.

5) AEC and/or any of it's suppliers are not to be blamed for any kind of faults, collimation problems, and/or damage caused during transportation from AEC to their customers; nor are they to be blamed for equipment malfunctioning caused by customer's incorrect use - this includes any attempts at repair the customer tries themselves, as tampering with the item would actually void any remaining warranty.

6) All shipments are dispatched with fully printed address labels in large bold font - these are unmistakable and cannot be miss-read by anyone with a competent grasp of English. Shipments are also marked with 'Fragile' , 'This Way Up' and 'Top Loading Only' warning labels to ensure proper handling during transportation. Therefore AEC can not be blamed for loss or misdirection caused by the transport company, all shipments are properly labelled to arrive at the correct destination.

Delivery Time

1) Normally, when we receive an enquiry about a certain product, or products, we are asked for technical information, availability, price and delivery time. These may vary from one shipment to the next, as well as from one product to another. For example, the worldwide demand for professional-standard Takahashi telescopes and mounts has become higher than the supply capacity. Therefore, the delivery times of the said products are not as short as they used to be. At AEC we do our best to give our customers a reasonably accurate delivery time; however, we cannot be held responsible for any delivery delays, as the cause/s are not of our making! This applies, not only to Takahashi, but to all the other brands of astronomical equipment we sell.

Having stipulated all the above, we would like to point out the following facts, which are especially true and relevant when it comes to the purchase and handling of top quality Takahashi astronomical equipment.

Fact One - Takahashi telescopes, mounts and accessories are solidly built and carefully tested before they leave the factory. Also, they are more than adequately packed for normal handling during transportation.

Items, which are found by the customer to have sustained visible optical and/or mechanical damage should be promptly returned to AEC for repair. Possible collimation problems should be tackled only by those who have the necessary technical knowledge and skill to solve them.

Any under-warranty, insured or damaged Takahashi items, will be repaired FREE OF CHARGE but WILL NOT be replaced for a new item, unless it cannot be properly repaired!

Fact Two - Most dealers have hardly the time to check every telescope, mount, or accessory they sell! Not to mention the fact that most customers expect to be the first to take their brand new telescopes, mounts, etc. out of the box, and test them. This is especially the case when they buy from mail order firms.

Fact Three - When testing the visual optical performance of any telescope, the following factors should be taken into consideration: eyepiece quality, seeing conditions, the elevation of the object under observation, and last, but not least, the visual acuity of the observer.

Finally, if you are not satisfied with items you have purchased from AEC, please tell us promptly (not after months or even years!) But if you are satisfied, we will be happy if you tell other prospective customers!

Thank you very much and clear skies
(AEC Management)


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